Buddho, is a complete health promoting system combining ancient meditation healing methods. This system promotes health by enhancing the natural ability of the body to heal thereby preventing susceptibility to disease. It helps to develop a calm mind with the powerful penetrative ability to see the processes that occur continually in the mind-body system.

The original name of the method is BUDDHO, which in the context of this system means “the energy of enlightenment,” or “the seed of enlightenment.” Just as a seed placed in the soil, watered, fertilised, protected and nurtured will grow into a healthy plant, so the seed of enlightenment is nourished by the Buddho System through a gradual realization of our energetic potential.

Dr Ranga Premaratna has given this system the alternative name of ENERSENSE made from the words Energy, Sensation, and Sense because it brings into focus the essence of the teachings and provides a neutral definition. It is not a religion or a belief system but a form of vibrational healing.

Energy empowerments or activations are given to raise the vibrational energy to higher states and enhance awareness of the subtle energy flow (or Chi) in the body. Perception of sensory stimuli is further developed during the practice of special meditations and ChiNadi exercises by focusing attention on physical, mental and emotional sensations and feelings accompanying the flow of energy.

There are significant direct links between The Buddho System of Healing and Reiki to state that Reiki is a subsequent simplification of this system which evolved as a practical self-healing technique anyone could practise without extensive experience in meditation. The origins of Reiki may also be recognized in other meditation and healing forms - EnerSense may not be the only one.